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to the homepage of the Citizens Committee of Leipzig, the custodian of the “Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum and the Stasi Bunker Museum. We invite you to find out more about what we do and what we offer.

The Citizens Committee originated during the Peaceful Revolution in 1989 and is still committed to its central call for freedom and democracy. In August 1990 this non-profit association opened the exhibition “Stasi – Power and Banality” in the authentic premises of the former district headquarters of the “Stasi”, the secret service of the former GDR. During the subsequent years it has become a significant and continuing contributor to the process of reappraisal of the past in Germany.

Today the association seeks especially to inform about the history, structure and methods of the Stasi and is actively involved in the social debate about dictatorships and their consequences as well as on civil and human rights. It also advises victims of the GDR dictatorship. In this way it wants to sharpen awareness of the dangers of dictatorship, to further democratic thinking and action, and to promote an anti-totalitarian consensus within society. Moreover, the authentic preservation of places where the communist state exercised its power is a vital concern, especially in Leipzig, the city of Peaceful Revolution. It thus contributes to the reappraisal of the GDR past, but to continue to do so requires the engagement of citizens.

The work of the Citizens Committee is sponsored by resources of the Federal Government Representative for Culture and the Media and the Saxon Memorials Foundation (Stiftung Sächsischer Gedenkstätten), the city of Leipzig and the Leipzig cultural area (Kulturraum Leipziger Raum).