Opening Times

2016: Open every last day of the month

January:      30 and 31/01/16
February:     20 and 21/02/16
March:         26 and 27/03/16
April:           23/04/16 Museums at Night
April:           23 and 24/04/16          
May:            28 and 29/05/16
June:           25 and 26/06/16
July:            30 and 31/07/16
August:        27 and 28/08/16
September:  11/09/16 Heritage Open Days
September:  24 and 25/09/16
October:      29 and 30/10/16
November:   26 and 27/11/16
December:   closed (Christmas Holidays)

in each case from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, continuously tours

It is able to visit the open air exhabition during the opening times on your own, the visit of the inside of the Stasi Bunker is only possible by tours. Guided tours are beginning regulary, as soon as a respectively large group is around.


Prices for tours (only in German):

5 Euro per Adult

4 Euro per Student

Special tours for groups are also available on request, independent of our opening times.

Booking a guided tour and more Information