The Citizens Committee of Leipzig

The Citizens Committee is a registered association which originated during the Peaceful Revolution and is today the custodian of the “Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum and Stasi Bunker Museum – a unique combination of authentic memorial sites.

The primary mission of the Citizens Committee is to keep alive the memory of the socialist dictatorship in its museums and by its political education work. It wants to demonstrate the value of freedom and self-determination as well as the dangers of totalitarian ideologies.

The Citizens Committee is a well known initiative of reappraisal of the past and helps to shape public opinion. It promotes the personal, political, legal and historical-academic reappraisal of practices, structures and relationships of the Stasi and its successor bodies.

The “Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum has become a centre to go to for people who are affected or interested and thus has developed to be a place of open dialogue. The association advises victims of the socialist dictatorship, and also supports scholars, students, journalists and filmmakers in their researches.