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The collection of the memorial includes far more objects than can be presented in the permanent exhibition. Most of the collection is in storage.

Altogether, the collection consists of about 30,000 objects and includes many unique pieces such as devices to control post, a disguise workshop and a machine to destroy files.

The Citizens Committee continues to collect artefacts which document the work of the Stasi in Leipzig, and beyond. This includes all original work material and furnishings of the Stasi as well as that of institutions which were directly related to the Stasi, for example the SED district leadership, People's Police and the KGB. These objects demonstrate how the Stasi was embedded in general government operations, and how the GDR dictatorship worked.

In addition, objects are collected which help to understand the history of the "Runde Ecke”. The dissolution of the Stasi and the reappraisal of its activity in Leipzig are other priorities of the collection. Here, in addition to relevant objects, documents are included which demonstrate these historical processes. The collection is being augmented continuously.

The “Runde Ecke” Memorial Museum and the Stasi Bunker Museum increasingly receive requests from museums at home and abroad to borrow objects for their own exhibitions. For example there has been cooperation with the Museum for Communication in Berlin, the German Historical Museum, the Forum of Contemporary History Leipzig and the Dresden Hygiene Museum. If you want to use objects from our collection to design a special or permanent exhibition, we are at your disposal at any time to negotiate this.

The collection of the memorial is one of the first collections about the GDR history to be inventoried scientifically. This project is supported by the 'Stiftung zur Aufarbeitung der SED-Diktatur', which is a government-funded organisation devoted to the examination and reappraisal of the Communist dictatorship in East Germany.